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World Doula Week and Who on Earth are Birthtactics?

It is rather fitting that I should start packing my birth bag this week as this is World Doula Week 2022. My client’s baby is due in April and the bag packing is a bit of a ritual for me and many Doulas – snacks, bendy straws, massage oils, rebozo, chargers, lights and tealights to name but a few. It always makes me chuckle that I do this as the most I have managed to take out of said bag has been a bendy straw and a snack for yours truly! The ‘blame’ for this, of course, lies fairly and squarely on our fabulous and well - prepared couples. Bag packing is something that we discuss during our pregnancy/antenatal meet ups and I shall ramble on about this in my next blogpost – Birthtactics Doula Support in Pregnancy

What is World Doula Week?

The initiative originated in Israel as World Doula Day on 22nd March 2011. Over a period of time, it was agreed to include ALL doulas and doula organisations worldwide with the purpose of empowering doulas everywhere “to improve the physiological, social, emotional and psychological health of women, their newborn and families in birth and in the postpartum period”

Why this week?

World Doula Week begins with World Doula Day March 22nd through to the 28th.

Now, if you are anything like me, you may have taken the dates for granted and focused on what the week had in store without question. It was only while exploring World Doula Week that I discovered that March 22nd was chosen because it is the Spring Equinox which represents the return of fertility in many cultures. Wow – yes, makes sense!

What are the Benefits of a Doula’s Support

There have been several worldwide studies that have considered the benefits of Doula support during birth and after baby’s arrival – below are a few of the main ones:

· Increases mother’s satisfaction of birth experience

· Reduces requests for analgesia and epidural

· May shorten the length of labour

· Reduces incidence of C – sections

· Increases breastfeeding start and continuation rates

· Increases new parents’ confidence in the care of their baby

Who are BIRTHTACTICS and How can we support you?

What better time than World Doula Week to increase your awareness of Birthtactics and over the coming days we will post more blogs to hopefully, answer some of your questions.

Birthtactics is a collaboration between myself, Lynne Bell, and fellow Doula and Birth Practitioner Gabby Matthews. Together, we draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years, to support you in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Gabby and I offer shared care, supporting women and birth partners in a home, birth unit and hospital setting (Including Caesarean Section). We have different doula packages and payment options to suit your needs.

Look at our respective websites which you can access via:

ALSO – keep your eyes open for our weekend pregnancy retreats - coming up later in the year.

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