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Nurturing Women – Why I do what I do....

Nurturing women has long been a passion for me. I think it probably started when, as a teenager, I started to have a deeper, more meaningful appreciation of my maternal grandmother. Up until this point I had really seen her as a typical nan. She was tall, gently rounded; always wore a pinafore and had long white hair that she plaited and coiled up into a bun. She represented a welcoming, safe space for the grandchildren that regularly frequented her home to drink tea and eat banana sandwiches. In time, through stories that she and my mother would tell, I would come to learn about, not only her life, but probably that of a generation of women.

My grandfather was a miner and they had 5 children. My grandmother literally was the family linchpin. She bought the house; managed the home and finances and raised her grammar school educated children. She did this with a backdrop of harsh times including the Great Depression, World War 2, and rationing. On the home front, she supported a family through some toe - curling tragedies, mine closures (yes, they were closing mines even then!!) and loss. She was incredibly bright – a natural mathematician, very articulate and had a strong interest in current affairs.

Living in a different era, she would undoubtedly have added a career into the mix while continuing her usual multi - tasking, nurturing family and domestic management status. Crucially, I cannot EVER remember her having time or space to call her own.

Moving forward a decade, after some time as a staff nurse in Gynaecology theatre I worked on a Gynaecology ward. Through my experience in theatre, I knew how much of a battering women’s bodies were taking when they had their surgical procedures. I also recognised, that as soon as they were home, they would find them selves back to their usual domestic drudgery – No timeout allowed here you see – I AM WOMAN!!

This was the era that saw the start of early post op discharge. Realising the road ahead for the women in my care, I quickly gained the reputation as a bossy cow – because I refused point blank to let visitors bend the 2 to a bedside rule - ‘she needs rest’ I would say. The women regularly thanked me for it!

So, how have these early experiences shaped who I am and what I do? They helped me realise how much women give of themselves without always factoring in space and time to redress the balance. This, of course, is not a little known fact, and I have seen it in a lot of different settings throughout my nursing career. However, for the first time in MY working life, I now can nurture women holistically with their life journeys whether it is through therapies; pregnancy, birth and postnatal support or by just being there – all to give guilt free peace and joy!

What can Lynne Bell Therapist and Doula plus Lynne Bell Hypnotherapy offer you?

  • Reflexology

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Birth support

  • Post Natal support

  • Baby Massage

  • Baby Reflexology

  • Hypnotherapy for trauma, phobias, depression, anxiety, weight management and more

Further information about the services I offer are on the Lynne Bell website.

For Hypnotherapy:

Book an appointment with me and you will have a warm welcome!

PS – Your menfolk are welcome here too - so if father, brother, partner requires a Reflexology or Indian Head treatment – book away!

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