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Freedom Fertility Formula

If you have found yourself on this page then chances are you are on a difficult fertility journey, or maybe you know someone who is.

What is Freedom Fertility Formula?

It is a unique blend of mind/body techniques combine with coaching and counselling. During the 16 week programme, you will learn to work with all of your emotions enabling you to reclaim control while, at the same time, supporting your chance of having a baby.

Over the weeks, I will help you in the following ways:

  • Giving you space to tell your story

  • Help you to understand your emotions and where they guide you

  • Help you to unravel the overwhelm of your fertility journey

  • Teach you calming techniques 

  • Support you to plan weekly achievable success steps

  • Help you to reprogram outdated emotions that are holding you back

  • Support you while you learn to live a positive life again


If you would really like to get your life back on track and live in the wait rather than waiting to live, then call me for a no obligation, FREE Initial consultation.

The Freedom Fertility Formula consists of 8 Modules with (ideally) 2 weeks in between each module:

  • First Aid – time for you to tell your story to someone who ‘gets’ it.

  • Foundation – takes you back to the basics of self - care, stress management while tapping into your ability to make all the right decisions for you

  • Emotions – learn about your emotions and how they turn up to guide you rather than hold you back

  • Reprogramming – let go of negative experiences and blocks that may affect your fertility. Set up new pathways for success instead.

  • Tactics – learn how to respond to your emotional state – protect yourself from the negative impacts of life.

  • Imagination – use the power of the mind/body connection to enhance your natural fertility and double the success rate of IVF

  • Liberation – get ready to accept invitations, make plans and get on with living your life

  • Enjoyment – wake up to every day feeling positive and optimistic. Reconnect with your partner, friends and family once again.



£615 for the 8 sessions over approximately 16 weeks

1st Appointment (First Aid) = 2 hours
Subsequent 7 appointments = 1.5 hours

Handbooks, Journals, MP3s & Contact
in-between appointments included in the price 


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