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Pregnancy Courses

To support and guide you through your pregnancy 


A complete antenatal preparation course

This evidence based course is written by experienced Hypnotherapist and Doula Katharine Graves. It is accredited and recommended by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and is a complete antenatal preparation course that includes:

Breathing to calm and centre the mind during birth; relaxation and visualisation techniques that reduce tension and stress; writing birth plans; the role of your birthing partner; the stages of labour; how to recognise labour and plenty more. 

The benefits of hypnobirthing include:

  • Help you to stay calm, relaxed and positive through the remainder of your pregnancy

  • Equip you and your partner to have a calm, positive birth whatever the outcome

  • Enables you to make informed decisions

  • Helps you to stay in control of your birthing experience

  • Fewer complications

The course can be either 4x 2 hour sessions or 2x 4 hour sessions and can be at my home or yours. It is recommended that birth partners attend. The course is also available online via the Zoom platform.

Prices include access to closed Facebook group, the Hypnobirthing book and MP3 link by Katherine Graves, course notes and positive affirmation cards as well as email contact for questions up until your birth.

As a Nurturing Birth Doula I am also able to support you and your partner during your birth. If you would like this - we can discuss this during hypnobirthing classes or you can contact me via

For further information and other Hypnotherapy services visit 


Class Prices:

  • Face to face one to one = £240

  • Face to face groups = £160

  • Online one to one = £120


Course Prices:

  • 5 weeks for £40 – Includes link to relaxing night - time MP3


5 week course

Relaxation doesn’t always happen naturally to us. Yet we know that the ability to relax comes with benefits for pregnancy and birth.


Over the course of the 5 weeks, the sessions will focus on:

  • Breathing to help us calm our minds.

  • Tips to help anxiety

  • A birth related topic

  • A time to relax!

Come to the class comfortably dressed and bring a cushion and a blanket.


Yoga mats supplied. Any stage of pregnancy welcome

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