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Lynne Bell

Nurturing Women through Fertility, Birth & Beyond 



Lynne Bell, Therapist

Drawing from 36 years of experience as a NHS nurse, a Specialist Nurse, Health Visitor and Midwife. A wonderful and fulfilling career where I was able to nurture and support women
– me in my happy place!


Treatment Packages
in Private or in a Group


Doula Packages

I'll help you and your partner prepare for your birthing journey and beyond 


Whatever the problem you bring to therapy a FREE initial consultation is included. This is to give you an understanding of how your brain works and how therapy helps and, maybe, to dispel any myths about hypnotherapy before we plan future appointments.


Client Recommendations

Breastfeeding support

"While been pregnant with my second child I attended the mindfully breastfeeding course and it has absolutely changed my second journey with regards to breastfeeding. I had no support with my first one and it did not work. If I would have not attended the course the same would have happen again as there was no support in the hospital. but due to all the information given i was able to turn it round. My baby is now 6 month and I just love the journey and been able to fully breastfeed her. Thank you so much for the amazing course and help can really recommend it."


“After trying to conceive for over six years, several miscarriages and complications I had a lot of anxiety around my pregnancy. After initially going to Lynne for a pregnancy massage to help relax I decided to try hypnobirthing…it was hands down the BEST thing I spent money on during my pregnancy! She not only helped me to relax but she also made me and my husband feel confident, knowledgeable and empowered and most importantly excited to welcome our baby into the world. Thank you Lynne, I don’t think my pregnancy or my birth would have been the same without your support!” 

We have just finished the Hypnobirthing course with Lynne and despite us not being able to meet Lynne due to lock down she provided an excellent sessions over weekly zoom calls. We found each session so informative and we now feel a little more prepared for what’s to come, as well as feeling calm and relaxed. Lynne answered all of our questions - she really was amazing! If anyone is thinking of trying out Hypnobirthing sessions, definitely book in with Lynne ❤️ xxx (Becky)


"I struggled for many years with a fear of heights but after just a few sessions with this lovely lady my fear has gone. i know it is easy to be sceptical about these things and I am amazed myself at how easy Lynne made it feel for me whilst been treated. I cannot recommend her highly enough." (Sandra)

"Lynne ensures that you always feel comfortable and at ease. It was a pleasure to meet this lovely and wise lady . Lynne has helped me massively and has made me feel like a revived version of myself. An amazing woman . I can't sing her praises enough." 😊 (Cassie)

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